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Editor – Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes – Editor
Twitter: @PotteriesEYE
Msn Messenger: mjbarnes266@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07850939611
Email: mike@PotteriesEYE.co.uk
Currently Journalism student at Staffordshire University
Previously councillor for the Longton South Ward of Stoke-on-Trent
Positions Held: Vice Chair – SoT CC Environment Committee
Vice Chair – SoT CC Personnel Committee
Chair – SoT CC Policy Committe
Chair – Sot CC Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee
Chair – SoT CC Adult and Older People Scrutiny Committee
Chair – Sot CC Development Control Committee
Chair – Sot CC Regeneration Overview Committee
Vice Chair – Sot CC Licensing and Consumer Protection Committee
Chair – SoT CC Licensing and Reg Panel(Taixs)
Scrutiny Champaion for SoT CC
Portfolio Holder for Environment Sot CC
Director – Burslem Regeneration Board
Management Board SOT CAB
Director – Instaffs
Director – Railways Enterprise Board
Vice Chair – Staffs Planning Forum
SOT LSP Board Member
Labour Group Leader – Stoke-on-Trent
Deputy Labour Group Leader – Stoke-on-Trent

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  1. Bill Hill

    Well done Mr Conway. as i have pointed out recently, abuse of taxpayers money; Mr Pervez has not yet got past the concept that there is only one opinion. HIS. Use of taxpayers money for political and personal gain. Probably tip of the iceburg, and shows the corruption that is running through this administration. Heads should roll.

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